babbo-daddo is a project that aims to deliver an educational and fun Linux based operating system that can be installed on virtually any hardware and even run direct from CD / USB. I’ve used many versions of Linux over recent years and have been amazed by the reliability and customization that they all provide. Many people, particularly historical Windows users have a great fear of Linux and wrongly assume that it is complicated and difficult. Perhaps in the past older Linux software was aimed at the more technically minded but many distributions nowadays are as well made, at least as good aesthetically and more importantly extremely reliable and very well supported.

In particular there are some fantastic children’s educational programs that are intuitive, very well presented and great fun to use whilst encouraging learning at the same time.

GCompris, Childsplay and Tux Painting are three of the best packages I have ever come across. I’ve bundled these with many Linux distributions and they have always been extremely well received by toddlers, parents and teachers alike.

babbo-daddo was born out of the desire to make these packages available to everyone, regardless of their budget or PC hardware. Imagine having an entire operating system dedicated to just your kids that you can install on any PC, Terminal, 10 year old laptop or even be run directly in memory from a Live CD / USB drive! Well, now you can. You don’t even need a hard drive! it can be run completely in system memory!

I recently encountered SliTaz Linux, and what a stunning distribution it is! Less than 40MB for the ISO, boots direct from CD / USB on almost any hardware platform and is a perfectly usable operating system. In fact, it’s a very, very good operating system and puts many much larger and more mainstream OS’s to shame.

Because of it’s tiny size and Live qualities it became the perfect backbone to project babbo-daddo

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